Industrial applications

Semiconductors are the core components of mobile communications, and smartphones, tablets and cloud computing have fundamentally changed the way people communicate. The continuous development of virtual networks throughout the environment is more stringent for semiconductor and semiconductor manufacturing system manufacturers.

With customer-specific solutions and highly reliable components, Balluff ensures that the systems used in semiconductor manufacturing operate efficiently and without interruption at all stages.

The production of microcores is a complex process in the semiconductor process, because of the wide variety of chip models, how to ensure that the production process is orderly? The use of Balluff RFID systems to meet the needs of material traceability, to ensure that every step in the production chain is detected and tracked, uninterrupted real-time recording of time, location and processing, can be detected and corrected in the production process, so that the entire production process is transparent.

RFID-Reliable Traceability

Production, traffic control or pallet management all need to record the secretary. This recording process requires a variety of characteristics. Therefore, Balluff has designed various read/write heads to meet a series of application situations and solve different character problems. These read/write heads are suitable for any reading and writing distance.

Identification of tray holder can be * assigned

The Balluff coding block has a * identification number and is resistant to chemical corrosion. It can be applied in harsh environments. The accessory shell can be designed according to specific task requirements. It can be designed in the shape of a disc, a column, a block or a magnetic card.

Reliable identification and allocation of coding blocks and PCB boards

Barcodes are one of the methods used to identify code blocks and circuit boards, and Balluff vision sensor BVS-EIdent are ideal for displacement identification. Whether it is labeling, printing, laser engraving or direct identification, Balluff vision sensor BVSIdent can reliably read and verify bar codes and two-dimensional codes commonly used by zui.